ESE Sprogkursus is for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language with a high academic yield, be it Danish, Portuguese, Spanish or English. For every language course we value that our educators have taught their native language or use the language on an everyday basis and thereby have a thorough knowledge about it.

No matter what course you want to participate in the price is 2.250DKK for 20 lessons. We meet up once a week conducting 2 lessons at a time. This means that your course spans 10 weeks. The classes have 4-6 participants, who are heard and thereby get a higher academic experience. We value that the teaching resources are new, have online versions, and audio files as this lays the ground for dynamic learning and teaching. All the materials we use are listed under each course on our website. It is your responsibility to have these materials ready when your course starts.

As a course participant at ESE Sprogkursus you get a student card which among others can be used for discount at Kaffebaren in Bredegade, Aalborg. Furthermore, you will be offered something to drink at all lessons. During the course programme ESE Sprogkurus will host various events, where you can meet participants from other courses so we can create a community around language and culture.



Danish as a foreign language is for anyone who wants to improve their Danish skills. Pronunciation and everyday speech is a main focus in our teaching. Our educators are Danes who love to work with people from other cultural backgrounds. We are ready to offer you help before attending Danskprøve 3 or Studieprøven.



The Brazilian Portuguese course is for those who have a relationship to Brazil or who wants to create a relationship and learn the language up to a fluent level. We focus on conversation, so you will start to speak Brazilian Portuguese from day 1. Our educator is from Brazil and has lived in Denmark since 2015.

The English course is for those who have always struggled with speaking English and have never had the opportunity to reach a fluent level. We have a structured, dynamic teaching which will quickly help you improve your skills.


The European Portuguese is for those who have a relationship to Portugal or wants to build a relationship and learn the language up to a fluent level. We focus on conversation, so we will start speaking from the very first lesson. Our educator is Portuguese and has lived in Denmark for many years.


Our Spanish course is for those who want to learn the language up to a fluent level in order to create or improve their relationship to the country. We focus on pronunciation, so you will speak Spanish from the very first lesson. At ESE Sprogkursus we offer both Spanish as it is spoken in Europe and Latin America.

Do you study Spanish?

We help you with proofreading and guidance for your projects and articles in Spanish.

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If you are serious about a foreign language.

"To speak and write in a language at a high level is the key to having success and become part of the society in which you live. It can be difficult to find options which support your learning process. I moved from Brazil to Denmark many years ago and had to go through the entire integration process. Since I came to Denmark I have worked with teaching in high school, at the university and at evening school and have also worked as a subject adviser for the Ministry of Education. Now I have founded ESE Sprogkursus to help you improve your language skills and communicate without feeling insecure."

Bianca Alves Siqueira



Lovely surroundings

ESE Sprogkursus in Aalborg is located close to Aalborg Harbour. You can ride your bike along the fjord while enjoying the view of the city and water. If you arrive by car, we have a car park with many unoccupied and free parking spaces.

Public transport

Do you arrive by bus? Bus number 18 stops right in front of our location.


Central location

ESE Sprogkursus is located right next to Randers Station in the old DSB buildings. Despite being in the city centre, this exact location makes it easy to access whether you arrive by car, bike, or public transport. We have great parking options next to the building, so you can park close to the main entrance


Public transport

If you arrive by train, it takes just 1 minute to walk to our location.